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Entale is a next generation podcast app and platform, transforming the listening and discovery experience.

The app is powered by our own proprietary AI technology which detects the most important information mentioned in a podcast (think movie, book, guest ...), links it to relevant media (trailer, link, bio ...) and presents it back within the player (now that’s cool!)

Not only does this make the listening experience more fulfilling, but it transforms how you discover new podcasts. You can use this extra information as a starting point for your search rather than a broad and useless category. Go from the Tiger King trailer to big cat conservation to leopard print fashion to Louis Theroux ...

There's some very smart tech behind the scenes but our app is also beautiful and has a Webby award for Best Visual Design. Apple also voted us their number 1 podcasting app.

We’re a team of techies, creatives, producers and most importantly podcast lovers. Get to know us below.


Hannah Blake

Co-Founder & CEO

Favourite Podcast: Smartless


Claire Roberts

Co-Founder & CPO

Favourite Podcast: 99% Invisible


Christian Ferguson


Favourite Podcast: Page 94: The Private Eye Podcast


Rav Kumar

Product Designer

Favourite Podcast: Hidden Brain


Aleksander Glowka

Data Scientist

Favourite Podcast: S-Town


Italo Moraes

Full Stack Engineer

Favourite Podcast: Freakonomics



Senior Backend Engineer

Favourite Podcast: The Portal

Arnold Almeida


Wil Harris

Executive Founder

Favourite Podcast: DLC

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